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"I am Jeff, a husband and father, who lives in Ottawa and enjoys being an active part of our local community. I understand the need to have a home that is both functional and comfortable, whatever stage of life you are in." 
Jeff has been in the construction industry for over 25 years. His work experience ranges from flooring to framing and a bit of everything in between. Jeff started his career in the heating and cooling industry as a licensed gas technician. His knowledge of heating and ventilation gives him a unique view of renovating. He is able to look at a space and evaluate the best way to handle the renovations keeping the flow of air (hot and cold) circulating properly.

Each client and project is unique. Jeff enjoys working closely with his clients to come up with the solution that is right for them, whether it is a small job of changing a chandelier in the dining room or something larger like a bathroom reno. Client satisfaction is his top priority.



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